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Doctor of Philosophy, Communications. Simon Fraser University. 2024. Entrance with Provost's Prize of Distinction and SSHRC CGS Doctoral Scholarship.

Master of Arts, Communication & Culture. Ryerson University & York University. 2020. Thesis title: "I would do anything to not call this place home: The black pill, involuntary celibacy, and the neoliberal male grasp in digital incel communities." Award for Outstanding Thesis, nominated.

Graduate Professional Development in Teaching Program, Level 1. The Chang School of Continuing Education. 2019.

Honours Bachelor of Arts, Literature & Philosophy. High Distinction (equivalent to summa cum laude). Victoria College in the University of Toronto. 2017

Professional Contributions


Refereed Publications

—. "Wojak’s lament: Memetic excess and the NPC under network capitalism." Institute of Network Cultures Reader #15 – Critical Meme Research. In revision, 2021.

—. "Blackpill science: incels and the neoliberal program of masculinity." Canadian Journal of Communications. In revision, 2021.

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Book Reviews

Burton, Anthony G. 2020. Review: Technologies of Speculation: The Limits of Knowledge in a Data-Driven Society. International Journal of Communication, November.

Burton, Anthony G. 2018. Review: Getting a Life: The Social Worlds of Geek Culture. Quill & Quire, March.


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Other Publications

Elmer, Greg, Anthony G. Burton, and Stephen J. Neville. 2020. “These researchers tracked down how hackers are disrupting Zoom chats.” Global News. June 15, 2020.

Elmer, Greg, Anthony G. Burton, and Stephen J. Neville. 2020. “Zoom-Bombings Disrupt Online Events with Racist and Misogynist Attacks.” The Conversation. June 9, 2020.

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Presentations (R indicates refereed)

R —. 2021. "Discourse machines: social platforms and the technical construction of misinformation." Conference presentation. Canadian Communication Association annual conference. Western University, June 4.

R —. 2021. "‘Cat-V Considered Harmful’ Considered Harmful: Software minimalism and the ideology of computation" Conference presentation. Intersections/Cross-Sections/. Ryerson & York University, March 12.

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R —. 2019. "Austerity Ideology and the Public Sphere: Telephony Rhetoric in the Doug Ford Administration". Conference presentation. Canada on the Edge? Robarts Centre Canadian Studies Conference. York University, May 2.

Invited talks

—. 2021. Workshop on methods teaching. 10 February, CC9000 Advanced Research Methodologies, Ryerson University.

—. 2020. Workshop on construction of digital research persona for investigative journalism. 17 November, Canadian Centre for Free Expression.

—. 2019. "How to Study the Internet.” Guest lecture presented in SOC482 Media Methods, March 21.

—. 2019. "A Narrative Analysis Case Study:" Guest lecture presented in SOC482 Media Methods, March 7.


Burton, Anthony Glyn. (2020). Rebel Media contributors timeline (Version 0.1.0). [Data set]. Zenodo.

—. (2020). #cdnpoli and the Twittersphere: User mentions during the 2019 Federal Election (Version 1.0.0) [Data set]. Zenodo.

Research and Teaching Appointments

Research Appointments

Research Associate. Digital Democracies Group, Simon Fraser University. 2020-.

Co-founder. Digital Citizenship Cultures Initiative, Ryerson University. With Drs. Greg Elmer and Ganaele Langlois. 2019-.

Research Associate. Infoscape Research Lab, Ryerson University. 2019-.

Research Associate. Open Intelligence Lab, University of Amsterdam. 2019-.

Visiting Researcher. Departement van Media & Cultuur, University of Amsterdam. 2019.

Graduate Assistant. Department of Politics & Public Administration, Ryerson University. 2019.

Research Assistant. Department of Political Science, University of Toronto. 2017.

Project Leadership

The Post-Trump Information Ecology: Political news on Reddit and 4chan pol and the 2020 American election. University of Amsterdam Digital Methods Initiative Winter School. January 2021.

Post-propaganda pipeline: Junk American political news on Reddit and 4chan pol. University of Amsterdam Digital Methods Initiative Spring Data Sprint. March 2020.

Streams of the Deep Web: Mapping YouTube’s Alt-Right in the context of the Canadian Federal Election. University of Amsterdam Digital Methods Initiative Summer School. July 2019.

Teaching Assistantships

CC8849 Selected Topics in PinP: Digital Methods. Joint Program in Communication & Culture, Ryerson & York University. 2019.

SOC482 Media Methods. Sociology Department, Ryerson University. 2019.

Extracurricular Teaching

Founder & Program Lead. Editorial Assistant Education Program. The Strand, Victoria College's Student Newspaper. 2016.

Software Development

gofindme. A python-based web scraper for campaigns. Tracks campaign information, donations, and comments. Source code available at

company-zetteltags. Allows for the automatic completion of tags when using the Zettelkasten knowledge capture method. Specifically, company-zetteltags is built as a backend to the company-mode autocompletion framework and plugs into the zetteldeft software library for GNU-Emacs. Source code available at

PyWarcSer. Tool to download all publicly-accessible pages of webforums built using the XenForo webforum software, convert into a .warc-formatted website archive file, and insert into a SQL database for statistical analysis. Written in Python. Source code availability pending.

Digital Methods Toolkit. An evolving list of resources to perform digital methods research. Available at

fzf-menus. A set of small menu widgets to connect to wifi and bluetooth using junegunn’s fuzzy file finder. Source code available at

Digital Citizenship Cultures Initiative website. Website accompanying the Digital Citizenship Cultures research group at Ryerson University's Infoscape Lab. Founded initiative with Drs. Greg Elmer and Ganaele Langlois. Website available at

“The Hall of Boomer Nihilism”. Three-monitor installation, live feed of images from the PatriotsSoapBox Discord server coded in Python using the Discord API. Source code available at

Commentariat colour scheme. A colour scheme for text editing in Markdown. Originally designed for Atom, it is easily portable to other apps such as the terminal emulator Tilix. The repository also contains a detailed tutorial on how to set up a markdown-based writing workflow in Atom. Source code available at

Media Interviews

Interview about resurgence of racist Zoombombing instance at Queen’s University. Krause, Kraig. February 4 2021. Queen’s University lecture hacked by ‘Zoom bombers’. Global News.

Interview about misinformation news in Canadian “new right new media”. Do Couto, Sarah. August 2 2020. ’Fullish Disclosure.’ Ryerson Review of Journalism.

Interview about the proliferation of Zoombombing during COVID-19 self-quarantine. Sobocan, Cathy. 29 June 2020. 106.5 ELMNT FM.

Consultation about COVID-related misinformation and alternative digital platforms. Bellemare, Andrea, Katie Nicholson, and Jason Ho. 21 May 2020. ’How a debunked COVID-19 video kept spreading after Facebook and YouTube took it down.’ CBC News.

Discussion about fake news and Canada’s new right new media on the Ryerson Review of Journalism’s Pull Quotes podcast. Fraser, Ashley, and Tanja Saric. 7 November 2019. ‘Pull Quotes Season Three, Episode Two: How Media Professionals Adapt to Challenging Misinformation’. Pull Quotes.

Research Support

External Research Grants

Digital Disinformation and Citizenship Network. 2020-2021. Budget: $350,000. Collaborator. Heritage Department, Government of Canada. Principal Investigator: Greg Elmer (Ryerson). Co-PIs: Wendy Chun (SFU), Fenwick McKelvey (Concordia), Ahmed Al-Rawi (SFU), and Ganaele Langlois (York).

The Dark Web’s impact on the 2019 Canadian Federal Election. 2019-2020. Budget: $50,000. Co-Principal Investigator. Heritage Department, Government of Canada. Principal Investigator: Greg Elmer (Ryerson). Co-Principal Investigator: Marc Tuters (University of Amsterdam).

Awards and Honours

Provost's Prize of Distinction. Simon Fraser University. 2020-2023.

Social Sciences and Humanites Research Council of Canada Joseph Armand-Bombardier Doctoral Fellowship. Federal. 2020-2023.

Ryerson University Thesis Gold Medal. Nomination. Ryerson Unviersity Faculty of Arts. 2020.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Graduate Masters Scholarship. Federal. 2019-2020.

Public Scholar. Ryerson University Faculty of Arts. 2019-2020.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship. Provincial. 2019-2020. (Declined).

Ryerson Graduate Fellowship. Program. 2018-2020. (Declined for 2019-2020).

Mitacs Globalink Research Award. Project: "Streams of the deep web: Mapping YouTube's alt-right in the Canadian Election". 2019.

Silver V Award for Outstanding Campus Contribution. Victoria College in the University of Toronto. 2017.

Secor Essay Prize in Renaissance Studies. “Veronica Franco’s Epistolary Self-Construction”. 2016.

Contributions to the Profession

Service to Research

Co-organizer, 3TRG (Technics, Techne and Technology Reading Group). Digital Democracies Institute, Vancouver, Canada and Associação de Pesquisas e Práticas em Humanidades, Porto Alegre, Brazil. 2021.

Panel chair, Intersections/Cross-Sections Graduate Conference, Ryerson/York University. March 15 2020.

Panel chair, Future Communications Graduate Conference, York University. December 13 2019.

Panel chair, Intersections/Cross-Sections Graduate Conference, Ryerson/York University. February 4 2019.

Service to the University

MA Executive Representative. Communication & Culture Graduate Students' Association. 2018-2020.